Table 2

Percentage of individuals infected by partners with known T vaginalis infection

StudyYearDiagnostic methodNumber of partners infected (%)
Female to male transmission
Drummond471936Culture and microscopy of urethral swab, urine sediment, and prostatic fluid4/5 (80%)
Karnacky (in Lanceley)461938?38/150 (25.3%)
Whittington111951Culture and microscopy of semen7/26 (26.9%)
Mascall681954Unspecified6/150 (4%)
Burch et al141959Culture of urethral swab or prostatic secretion13/31 (41.9%)
Watt and Jennison481960Culture of swab of preputial sac, urethra, and prostatic secretion18/30 (60%)
Rodin et al691960Microscopy of urethral scrape, culture of urethral swab and urine11/38 (29%)
Weston and Nicol551963Culture and microscopy of urethral discharge, scraping, urine sediment, and prostatic fluid93/206 (45.1%)
Krieger et al281992Culture of swab of preputial sac (or coronal sulcus) and first void urine33/147 (22.4%)
Male to female transmission
Whittington451957Microscopy and culture10/15 (66.7%)
Catterall and Nicol431960Microscopy and culture56/56 (100%)
Catterall441960Culture and microscopy57/67 (85.1%)