Table 1

Selective characteristics of commercial nucleic acid amplification assays for the diagnosis of Chlamydia trachomatis in cervical or urethral swabs and urine

Time (hours)
Molecular method*CompanyAssayMaximum specimens per runHands-onTotalAmplification control
*Ligase chain reaction (LCR), polymerase chain reaction (PCR), strand displacement amplification (SDA), transcription mediated amplification (TMA).
†A full amplification run of 40 specimens will require 2 detection runs on the LCx analyser.
‡An amplification run of 44 would require 2 sets of rings to be placed into the instrument at staggered time intervals.
LCRAbbottLCx40†1 to 1.55.5 to 6.25No
PCRRocheAmplicor923 to 3.756.75 to 8Optional
Cobas Amplicor44‡2 to 2.55 to 6Optional
SDABecton DickinsonProbeTec ET461 to 1.253.1 to 3.8Yes
TMAGen-ProbeAmp CT982.55.2No
APTIMA Combo 2981.6 to 2.255.3 to 6No