Table 1

Susceptibility to ciprofloxacin of Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolated in India and the number of GyrA and ParC alterations

No of mutations in
Name of isolatesNo of isolates% isolatesMIC* (μg/ml) of ciprofloxacingyrAparC
*Based on MICs (minimum inhibitory concentrations), isolates were labelled as susceptible (S), intermediate resistant (IR), and resistant (R).20
Clinical isolates
    UD1–UD558%<0.06(S)No mutationNo mutation
    UD611% 0.1(IR)OneNo mutation
    UD7–UD935% 0.25(IR)TwoOne (silent)
    UD10–UD1346% 0.38(IR)TwoOne (silent)
    UD14–UD21813% 0.50(IR)TwoOne (silent)
    UD22–UD28711% 0.75(IR)TwoTwo (silent)
    UD29–UD3246% 1.0(R)TwoOne
    UD33–UD40813% 1.5(R)TwoOne
    UD41–UD4446% 2.0(R)TwoOne
    UD45, UD4623% 3.0(R)TwoOne
    UD47–UD5046% 4.0(R)TwoOne
    UD5111%12.0(R)TwoTwo (one silent)
    UD52–UD611016%32.0(R)TwoTwo (one silent)
    UD62, UD6323%32.0(R)ThreeThree (two silent)
WHO reference strains:
    WHO strain A1 0.016(S)No mutationNo mutation
    WHO strain H1 2.0(R)TwoOne
    WHO strain J1 8.0(R)TwoOne