Table 3

Comparison of HIV prevalence according to region of origin for each exposure category

Exposure categoriesHIV+/Tested n/NHIV prevalence (%)OR (95% CI)p Value
OR: odds ratio adjusted by age, clinic, and previous HIV test, and in the analysis of injecting drug users, also adjusted by sex; CI: confidence interval.
*There were no injecting drug users from sub-Sahara Africa or from “other countries”.
Injecting drug users*
    Western Europe1/119.11.2 (0.1 to 9.9)NS
    Central and eastern Europe2/1910.51.7 (0.3 to 8.4)NS
    Latin America1/812.53.5 (0.3 to 36.3)NS
    Northern Africa0/30.0No HIV+ casesNS
Men who had sex with men
    Western Europe5/4411.42.2 (0.8 to 5.7)NS
    Central and eastern Europe0/70.0No HIV+ casesNS
    Latin America23/12718.14.1 (2.4 to 6.9)<0.001
    Sub-Sahara Africa1/616.73.2 (0.4 to 28.4)NS
    Northern Africa0/10.0No HIV+ casesNS
    Other countries0/100.0No HIV+ casesNS
Female sex workers
    Western Europe0/180.0No HIV+ casesNS
    Central and eastern Europe1/771.31.3 (0.1 to 14.5)NS
    Latin America4/16040.20.3 (0.1 to 1.6)NS
    Sub-Sahara Africa2/375.44.9 (0.6 to 38.6)NS
    Northern Africa0/500.0No HIV+ casesNS
    Other countries0/110.0No HIV+ casesNS
Heterosexual men
    Western Europe0/860.0No HIV+ casesNS
    Central and eastern Europe0/400.0No HIV+ casesNS
    Latin America6/1334.59.4 (3.4 to 25.9)<0.001
    Sub-Sahara Africa5/568.919.3 (6.4 to 58.0)<0.001
    Northern Africa1/521.94.2 (0.5 to 33.6)NS
    Other countries0/290.0No HIV+ casesNS
Heterosexual women
    Western Europe1/901.11.3 (0.2 to 10.0)NS
    Central and eastern Europe0/300.0No HIV+ casesNS
    Latin America1/1670.60.7 (0.1 to 5.3)NS
    Sub-Sahara Africa2/1612.516.9 (3.5 to 82.4)<0.001
    Northern Africa2/1711.815.3 (3.2 to 73.2)0.001
    Other countries1/293.44.1 (0.5 to 32.5)NS