Table 2

The nursing intervention on partner notification directed at index patients: a comparison between pre-intervention and intervention phases

Nurse's interventionPre-intervention % (n)*Intervention % (n)*p Value
*Unless otherwise stated.
Explain the cause of your problem15% (22)14% (25)0.76
Tell you to bring all your partners77% (116)83% (153)0.21
Tell you why it's important to bring all your partners27% (41)20% (37)0.11
Advise you on how to tell you partner14% (21)12% (23)0.67
Give you condoms65% (98)79% (147)0.003
Explain how to use a condom37% (56)20% (37)0.0004
Tell you what may happen if you have sex with an untreated partner41% (62)50% (93)0.10
Tell you what may happen if you don't use a condom25% (38)44% (81)0.0004
Contact cards given per index case by nurse: median and range1 (0–4)1 (0–3)0.03