Table 3

Index patients' self efficacy about the process of notification: a comparison between pre-intervention and intervention phases

Indicator of self efficacy (type of partner)Mean (SD)*Mean (SD)*p Value
*The outcome compared is, for each index patient, the ratio of positive responses for each partner, over the total number of partners reported by that index patient. The mean (SD) refer to average of index patient percentages.
†For this variable, there was an interaction between sex and intervention effect, and thus results are presented by sex.
Believed it was important to notify partner
    Regular0.92 (0.27)0.97 (0.17)0.06
    Casual0.78 (0.40)0.93 (0.25)0.13
Believed that partner could be found†
        Men0.94 (0.24)0.94 (0.24)0.91
        Women0.83 (0.37)0.97 (0.16)<0.01
        Men0.79 (0.39)0.87 (0.33)0.40
        Women0.83 (0.41)0.90 (0.32)0.72
Would know what to say during notification
    Regular0.77 (0.42)0.86 (0.35)0.07
    Casual0.72 (0.44)0.89 (0.32)0.36
Would feel comfortable notifying partner
    Regular0.92 (0.27)0.96 (0.20)0.23
    Casual0.71 (0.44)0.86 (0.35)0.35
Believed partner would see importance of treatment
    Regular0.67 (0.47)0.80 (0.40)0.57
    Casual0.53 (0.49)0.58 (0.48)0.02
Believed partner would agree to seek treatment
    Regular0.73 (0.44)0.78 (0.41)0.24
    Casual0.56 (0.49)0.52 (0.48)0.31