Table 3

Cox regression models examining the risk of HIV seroconversion associated with living in communities with various levels of risk characteristics, Kisesa, 1996–7 (n=3808)

Model AModel BModel CModel D
Risk ratiop ValueRisk ratiop ValueRisk ratiop ValueRisk ratiop Value
Age (years)
Marital status
    Never married1.
Type of subvillage re: social/economic activity
    Rural sparse or rural small1.00
    Peritrading centre1.260.6
    Trading centre2.070.1
Ratio of bar workers in subvillage to total male population (18–59) of Kisesa ward
Mobility of subvillage population: proportion of people in current household <5 years
    Low (<10%)1.00
    Moderate (11–19%)1.270.5
    High (≥20%)2.240.09
Distance to the nearest town (Mwanza)
    Far (≥11 km)1.00
    Moderate (5–10 km)1.470.3
    Close (<5 km)1.780.2