Table 1

Age groups and prevalence of signs, symptom, and syndromes related to STI in sex workers

Syndromes/variablesNo of SWs (n=118)%
*Some had more than one symptom(s).
†One person had ulcer diagnosed on both external and PS examination.
Age group (years):
    More than 3686.8
    Age not reported54.2
Prevalence rate of present symptoms*
    No symptom6958.5
    Pain in lower abdomen2319.5
    Abnormal vaginal discharge1512.7
    Painful sexual intercourse1512.7
    Painful micturition1311.0
    Itching around genital area1210.2
    Genital ulcer75.9
    Swelling in groin32.5
Prevalence rate of signs on external genital examination:
    Enlarged lymph nodes1411.9
    Inflammation of vulva32.5
Signs as per speculum examination:
    Discharge from vagina6151.7
    Abnormal ectocervix3227.1
    Abnormal vaginal wall1613.6
    Cervix bleeding on touch of1512.7
    Ulcer on cervix/vaginal wall32.5
Prevalence rate as per syndromic diagnosis:
    Genital discharge syndrome6151.7
    Genital ulcer syndrome7†5.9
    Lower abdominal pain2319.5
    Enlarged inguinal lymph nodes1411.9