Table 2

Characteristics of sites obtained from manager or knowledgeable person at site

Number of sites310
Per cent reporting that people meet new sexual partners at the site73.9Number of people counted at the site(n=46 sites)
Type of site
    Tavern14.5(n=43 sites)
    Hostel2.9    Mean23
    Church0.6    Median15
    Community hall0.6
    Night club0.6On site activities (% answering yes)(n=49 sites)
    Take-away1.6    Men “fish” on site for sexual partners?79.6
    Garage0.3    Women “fish” on site for sexual partners?79.6
    Shack0.3    Facilitator available for finding partner?34.7
    Salon0.3    Beer consumed?91.8
Total100.0    Alcohol consumed?91.8
    TV or video on site?51.0
AIDS activities on site (% with)    Sex workers solicit on site? 4.1
    Any educational materials1.3    Sex occurs on site? 4.1
    Any AIDS prevention activities1.6
    Any AIDS talks1.0Characteristics spontaneously mentioned when asked to describe patrons of site(n=49 sites)
    Any peer education0.0
    Any health outreach worker visits0.3    Everybody38.8
Condom availability (% Yes)    Youth18.4
    Any condoms on-site at time of visit2.9    Non-residents of township18.4
    Any condoms nearby22.3    Residents of township14.3
    Condoms always available here0.6    Business men13.0
    Condom sometimes available here6.1    Professional people10.2
    Condoms never available here92.2    Unemployed10.2
    Respondent willing to sell condoms at site58.7    Older people 6.1
    Men only 6.1
Sexual mixing    People of all ages 6.1
    Where do people come from who come to this site?    Migrant workers 4.1
    From outside township and    People with low education 2.9
        From all over township4.2
        From 3–4 zones in township1.6
        From 0–2 zones in township5.5
    Not from outside township but:
        From all over township17.7
        From 3–4 zones in township16.1
        From 2 zones in township14.2
        From 1 zone in township40.3
        No specific areas mentioned0.3