Table 1

Univariate analysis of prevalence of HIV infection in STD patients

S NoCharacteristicNo of subjects n=260Prevalence of HIV infectionOdds ratio (95% CI)p Value
*Group II = commercial sex workers, drivers, and waiters—ie, high risk group; group I = others.
    Group I19824.751.00
    Group II6251.613.24 (1.79–5.87)0.00
    Non-Muslims19734.52.05 (0.99–4.23)0.038*
3Partners in 1 year
    Less than 59613.51.00
    More than 516441.54.52 (2.24–9.28)0.000*
4Sexual behaviour
    Heterosexual22432.11.42 (0.6–3.45)0.39
5Condom use
    No17231.41.03 (0.57–1.87)0.91
6Past history of STD
    Yes15242.13.89 (2.12–7.16)0.000*
7Circumcision status
    No15934.622.17 (1.009–4.656)0.03*
8Present STD
    Secondary syphilis64.71%
    Herpes genitalis32.06%
    Condyloma acuminata41.46%