Table 1

Patient characteristics, and associations with attendance at GP surgery (n=721)

Base (n)Item non-response or missing data (n)p Value*
Age (years) mean (SD)28.6 (9.4)7201
%Base (n)Item non-response or missing data (n)p Value*
2 test unless otherwise stated; **t test after logarithmic transformation.
†See text for definition of STI.
§Row percentages. Thus for example, 38.9% of 329 men in comparison to 22.2% of 392 women were diagnosed with STI this attendance.
¶Only those with symptoms were requested to complete this question.
Homosexual orientation (males only)3.33280
Percentage of patients diagnosed with STI this attendance†,§29.87210
    By sex:
Percentage of patients who had already seen GP§40.5582139
    By age:0.32
    By sex:0.002
    By STI diagnosis:0.83
        STI diagnosed†39.9178
        No STI diagnosed40.8404
    By ethnicity:0.36
    By reason for attendance:0.042
        Check up45.6204
        Other reason31.190
Duration of symptoms (days)7.0223NA¶
    By whether or not GP seen:0.0008**
        GP seen7.5
        GP not seen5.0
    By STI diagnosis:0.18**
        No STI7.0