Table 1

Distribution of 130 GUM clinics according to the percentage of patients routinely offered an HIV test, estimated by the physician in charge

Number of clinics with the following estimated percentages of patients offered HIV test*
Exposure category0%1–25%26–50%51–75%76–100%
*Number of clinics in each row does not add to 130 because of incomplete answers.
†Syphilis/gonorrhoea/chlamydia/NSU/T.V/scabies/pediculosis pubis/anogenital herpes—first attack/anogenital warts—first attack/molluscum contagiosum/LGV/donovanosis.
High risk
Sexually active homosexual/bisexual man245119
Sexually active heterosexual from the UK, with a “high risk” contact3433117
Heterosexual who has lived in sub-Saharan Africa5223113
Injecting drug users who have shared equipment3413119
Injecting drug users who deny sharing7668102
Low risk
Sexually active heterosexual from the UK, who denies “high risk” contact1230131358
Heterosexual from the UK with acute STI†1025211060
Heterosexual who has lived abroad (other than sub-Saharan Africa)721221063