Table 1

Means and standard deviations for item responses by type of notification

Case reportingPatient referralProvider referral
N varies between 3844 and 4006, depending on skipped responses. Response scale: 1 = strongly disagree, 2 = disagree, 3 = neutral, 4 = agree, 5 = strongly agree.
(1) Complies with clinic standard of care3.610.93.770.92.740.9
(2) What most of my colleagues do3.251.03.470.82.460.9
(3) Expected by my health department3.690.93.560.82.791.0
(4) Valued in my clinic setting3.371.03.810.82.810.9
(5) I don’t feel comfortable2.541.
(6) I don’t feel well trained2.511.
(7) Causes my patients not to return2.671.
(8) Gets the patient upset with me3.
(9) Not my responsibility2.271.01.970.83.141.0
(10) Help prevent spread of STD4.
(11) Fulfil my “duty to warn”3.810.93.670.93.401.0
(12) Protects my patients from re-infection3.581.13.661.03.421.0
(13) Opportunity for prevention education4.
(14) Helps patients change their risk behaviour3.181.13.421.03.111.0
(15) Take too much of my time2.821.
(16) Take too much staff time2.801.
(17) An activity I won’t get paid for3.571.