Table 1

Comparison of behaviours of STD clinic attenders in last five years with those of non-attenders

STD clinic attendersNon-attendersSTD clinic attendersNon-attenders
Values are mean (SEM) or per cent.
Source: NATSAL 1990/1 1.
*All respondents who had ever had sexual intercourse; †all respondents with partners in last five years; ‡all respondents who had sex in last four weeks.
Number of heterosexual and homosexual partners
    Last year2.75 (0.22)1.29 (0.074)1.37 (0.06)1.00 (0.007)
    Ever23.03 (2.05)11.09 (1.20)9.01 (0.56)3.46 (0.14)
    Base N*:26273702509334
Concurrent partners in last five years41.7%11.4%21.7%6.0%
    Base N†:22363702178147
Condom use
    All occasions in last four weeks21.9%16.7%18%13.8%
    Base N‡:21555291896919