Table 1

Intervention effectiveness calculations (1998–9)

Adverse birth outcomesStillbirthLow birth weight
Numbers susceptible187 (HTAS cases)*140 (live births)
% adverse outcome25%33%
Attributable fraction**94%67%
Adverse birth outcomes averted‡4431
DALYsLife expectancy
Years of life lost (YLL)
YLL DALYs per case27.2532.4027.2532.40
Number (%) deaths44 (100%)4 (13%)
Total YLL DALYS§11951420112133
Years lived with disability (YLD)
YLD DALYs per case007.939.42
Numbers (%) of cases disabled0 (0%)1.9 (6%)
Total YLD DALYS§001518
DALYS saved11951420127151
Stillbirth and LBW
*Syphilis was defined as HTAS when the RPR was reactive at a dilution of >1:8.
**The estimated portion of adverse events in women with HTAS that were attributable to syphilis.
†World Development Report 1993.3
‡Adverse birth outcomes = numbers susceptible × percentage adverse outcomes × attributable fractions.
§YLL = YLL DALYs per case × number of deaths; YLD = YLD DALYs per case × number of cases disabled.
Total DALYs saved13211571