Table 2

Cost effectiveness of the syphilis screening programme (1998–9)

Cost categoryAnnual incremental economic costs
    Start up6704.8
Total capital costs 1090 7.8
    Transportation costs1391.0
    Building operating and maintenance00
Total recurrent costs 12866 92.2
Total costs 13956 100
Outcome indicatorsAverage costs $*
*Reported in year 2001 US$. Exchange rate: 1$=815 Tanzanian shillings.
†Syphilis was defined as HTAS when the RPR was reactive at a dilution of ⩾ 1:8.
‡TZ=Tanzanian life expectancy in 2000.
§WDR=life expectancy used in the World Development Report, 1993.
Women screened97131.44
RPR positive women treated69620.05
People treated (women and partners)96014.53
Cases of HTAS treated in women†18774.82
LBW live births averted31451.18
Stillbirths averted44318.37
All adverse outcomes (LBW and stillbirth) averted75186.66
DALYs saved (LBW only) – TZ‡127110.03
DALYs saved (LBW only) – WDR§15192.56
DALYs saved (all adverse outcomes) – TZ‡132110.56
DALYs saved (all adverse outcomes) – WDR§15718.88