Table 3

Adjusted odds ratios and confidence intervals for having had sex, had unprotected sex or having had more than one sexual partner in Ibiza

Had sexHad unprotected sex*Had >1 sexual partner
AOR(95% CI)AOR(95% CI)AOR(95% CI)
*Had unprotected sex identifies individuals that did not use a condom every time they had sex in Ibiza.
Reference categories for each variable are identified with (ref). Statistics utilise a stepwise logistic regression analysis with variables that are not significant (p⩾0.05) being removed from the model and subsequently the model recalculated. Such factors are identified with “NS.” Analyses of having had unprotected sex and sex with more than one partner in Ibiza are both limited to individuals who had sex while abroad.
(ref) 26–35111
20–252.12(1.42 to 3.16)NSNS
16–191.51(1.07 to 2.14)NSNS
(ref) Female111
MaleNSNS1.79(1.18 to 2.70)
Substance use in Ibiza
No alcohol111
Used alcoholNSNSNS
No tobacco111
Used tobaccoNS1.48(1.06 to 2.14)1.89(1.18 to 2.70)
No illicit drugs111
Used illicit drugs1.37(1.05 to 1.79)NSNS
Length of stay
(ref) 1–7 days111
8–14 daysNSNS1.67(1.11 to 2.50)
over 14 daysNSNS2.80(1.02 to 7.28)
(ref) 2000111
2001NS2.18(1.30 to 3.65)0.64(0.39 to 1.15)
2002NS1.18(0.81 to 1.71)0.53(0.34 to 0.81)
Received sexual health information
(ref) No111
Holiday with partner
(ref) No111
Yes7.54(5.21 to 10.89)3.04(1.96 to 4.73)0.08(0.05 to 0.13)
Sexual partners in 6 months before Ibiza
(ref) None111
11.88(1.23 to 2.89)2.00(0.91 to 4.41)3.25(1.34 to 7.89)
2–53.76(2.43 to 5.82)2.17(0.98 to 4.81)4.31(1.81 to 10.24)
6 or more14.96(7.45 to 30.05)4.39(1.80 to 10.72)25.78(8.88 to 74.89)