Table 1

Sexual behaviour and condom use among direct sex workers, Siem Reap, Cambodia, 2001

VariableSex workers (n=140)
*Percentages calculated out of 126 sex workers who suggested condom use.
†Percentage of consistent condom users (77.8%) is greater than percentage who could persuade all clients to use condoms (58.7%) as some consistent condom users would always refuse sex with clients who cannot be persuaded.
Clients per week
    Mean (SD)10.1 (8.5)
No (%) engaging in sex with non-paying partners35 (25.0)
Non-paying partners per week
    Mean (SD)3.4 (5.1)
No (%) using condoms with clients
    Always109 (77.9)
    More than half the time30 (21.4)
    About half the time1 (0.7)
    Less than half the time0
No (%) using condoms with non-paying partners
    Always7 (20.0)
    More than half the time6 (17.1)
    About half the time0 (0)
    Less than half the time2 (5.7)
    Never20 (57.1)
No (%) who asked clients to use condoms126 (90.0)
No (%) reporting success in getting clients to use condoms
    <50%2 (1.6)*
    50–<10050 (39.7)
    100% (all clients)74 (58.7)†