Table 1

The questionnaire results before and after the verbal explanation

QuestionResponse (n=89)BeforeAfterχ2test p value
How well do you understand the result you have been given?No at all261
A little3613<0.0001
A lot2775
Are you worried about the result of your smear test?Yes4513
A little4260<0.0001
Will it worry you if we need to do further investigations?Yes3611
A little4046<0.0001
Are you worried that further investigations will be painful?Yes5528
Don't know11140.0002
Do you think that any abnormality found can be treated?Yes6185
Don't know254<0.0001
Do you think you have cancer?Yes51
Don't know349<0.0001
Do you think this smear result will affect your ability to have children?Yes152
Don't know3410<0.0001
Do you think this result will change your attitude to sex with you partner?Yes1813
Don't know30140.004
Do you think this result will affect the way your partner thinks of you?Yes84
Don't know13100.36