Table 1

International Air Transport Association 602 Packaging Regulations: a summary of the main recommendations

• Primary receptacles (specimen containers) must be glass, metal, or plastic and resistant to any chemical or other action of the sample. Seals must be leak proof—eg heat seal, skirted stopper, metal crimp seal. Screw caps, if used, must be reinforced with overtape.
• The primary container should be surrounded with sufficient material to absorb the entire contents of the primary receptacles. Multiple samples must be individually wrapped. This must be packed in a watertight secondary container.
• The secondary receptacles must not contain more than 50 ml or 50 g.
• The outer packaging must be of adequate strength and at least 100 mm in the smallest overall external dimension.
• An itemised list of contents (pathology forms) must be placed between the secondary and outer packaging.
Outer labelling must include:
• A Class 6 transport label for infectious substances.
• UN packaging specification marks.
• The name and address of the sender, the recipient, and a contact name and emergency number.
• A shipping name label.