Table 1

Subcategory of HIV infections diagnosed in the United Kingdom that were probably acquired heterosexually, 1992–2002

Heterosexual subcategory1992 or earlier199319941995199619971998199920002001*2002*
*Numbers for recent years will rise as further reports are received. The table will include some records of (a) the same individuals, which are unmatchable because of differences in the information supplied and (b) individuals who left the United Kingdom at some date after diagnosis.
Data source: HIV/AIDS Reports. Reports received by the end of June 2003.
Exposure to “high risk” partner(s) infected through:
    Male homosexual intercourse10924211211101112132317
    Injecting drug use19937314133494823223616
    Blood/blood products755249645243
Exposure to presumed heterosexually infected partner(s):
Exposure abroad
    in Africa1938506534559549642745994147821512338
    in Latin America/Caribbean62242714252832626782108
    in Asia66281839445378761109795
    in North America561698810157694
    in Europe12738364242504249464641
    in Australasia62021246252
    in country(ies) not known2400273170211
Exposure in the UK to partner(s) presumed infected
    outside Europe9117384842718190127155153
    within Europe10842443829394148475135
    in country(ies) not known15228303228312530275687
Partner(s) exposure category undetermined:
    Investigation continuing/closed242610711172532113252