Table 2

Emotional and psychosocial responses to HSV-2 serological diagnosis (n = 24)

Short term emotional
    Relief to know520.8
    Self blame312.5
    “Why me?”312.5
Short term psychosocial
    Fear of telling current partner1145.8
    Anger at source partner625.0
    Guilt about acquiring or transmitting520.8
    Concern about transmitting to child416.7
    Fear of telling past partner(s)416.7
    Decreased libido312.5
Perceived ongoing
    Fear of telling future partner(s)1250.0
    Concern about transmitting to partner1145.8
    Feeling sexually undesirable1041.7
    Feeling socially stigmatised833.3
    Feeling like “damaged goods”833.3
    Sex avoidance due to social responsibility833.3
    Relationship problems after diagnosis833.3
    Concern of transmitting to newborn729.0
    Increased commitment to current partner312.5
    Relieved to discover both have HSV-2312.5
    Reluctance towards future relationships312.5