Table 1

Number of serum samples tested for antibodies to HSV-1 and HSV-2

Low risk groups
ChildrenAntenatalFemales*Males*MilitarySTD clinic attenders†Total
*Blood donors (Brazil, Estonia, India, and Sri Lanka), HIV sentinel surveillance participants (Morocco), adult hospital inpatients (Sri Lanka).
†400/676 (59.2%) of the Sri Lankan STD clinic attenders were men.
All samples collected from Sri Lanka, India, and Moroccan military were collected prospectively. 85%, 24.7%, and 12.6% of Estonia, Moroccan civilians, and Brazil’s samples, respectively, were collected prospectively. The remaining samples were collected in 1998 (6.1%) and 1999 (17.7%), except for those collected on Brazilian children, which were all collected as part of a vaccine study in 1992.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil697399843981578
Tartu, Estonia10167945744622846
Vellore, India361990483941793
Ragama, Sri Lanka43375768416196764169