Table 2

Incorrect responses to AIDS knowledge items among participants from a black township in Cape Town who have and have not been tested for HIV

TestedNot tested for HIV (n = 266)
Known (n = 117)Unknown (n = 86)
*Correct responses are shown in parentheses.
Is AIDS spread by kissing? (No)*65782610
Can a person get AIDS by sharing kitchens and bathrooms with someone with AIDS? (No)2245218
Can men give AIDS to women? (Yes)76222610
Can women give AIDS to men? (Yes)8734218
Must a person have many different partners to get AIDS? (No)302715188131
Can you get AIDS by touching someone with AIDS? (No)44893011
Does washing after sex help protect against AIDS? (No)292617206725
Is AIDS caused by spirits/supernatural forces? (No)282534398633
Can a pregnant woman give AIDS to her baby? (Yes)1312893413
Can a person get rid of AIDS by having sex with a virgin? (No)111010113915
Is HIV the virus that causes AIDS? (Yes)10912142911
Is there a cure for AIDS? (No)262327315922
Total knowledge score (mean, SD % correct)85.715.284.517.782.317.6