Table 3

HV testing attitudes and AIDS stigmatising attitudes among participants from a black township in Cape Town who have and have not been tested for HIV

TestedNot tested for HIV (n = 266)Adjusted
Known (n = 117)Unknown (n = 86)
*OR =  odds ratios for comparisons of people tested for HIV to people not tested; †OR = odds ratios for comparisons of people who have been tested with known results to people tested with unknown results; All odds ratios adjusted for age, years education, sex, and survey venue; ap<0.01; bp<0.05.
HIV testing attitudes
Getting tested for HIV helps people feel better95867182175662.9a1.5
Getting tested for HIV helps people from getting HIV89905867150572.2a2.6a
People in my life would leave me if I had HIV20182832109410.5a0.4a
People who test HIV positive should hide it from others1110232791350.4a0.3a
I would rather not know if I have HIV31284046126480.5a0.4a
AIDS stigmas
People who have AIDS are dirty442227100.3a1.6
People who have AIDS are cursed766731120.50.8
People who have AIDS cannot be trusted2018172063240.70.8
People who have AIDS are like everybody else92837387204771.60.8
People who have AIDS should be ashamed878952200.4a0.7
People who have AIDS have nothing to feel guilty about89786474168642.0a1.5
Most people become HIV positive by being weak or foolish1816172057220.80.6
It is safe for people who have AIDS to work with children76685867134521.9a1.1
People who have AIDS must expect restrictions on their freedom30273945122470.70.5
A person with AIDS must have done something wrong and deserves to be punished226732120.3a0.2
People who have HIV should be isolated65562270.8.08
I do not want to be friends with someone who has AIDS553334130.3a1.0
People who have AIDS should not be allowed to work1413141645170.90.6