Table 1

Logistic regression of whether disclosure took place on type of relationship, length of relationship, and partner sequence (n = 121)

Unadjusted resultsAdjusted results
Variable, categoryOdds ratio95% CIp ValueOdds ratio95% CIp Value
Type of relationship
    Casual0.1790.070 to 0.4530.1610.049 to 0.532
Length of relationship1.0051.001 to 1.0090.031.0030.9997 to 1.0050.08
Partner order
    Most recent partner10.6210.04
    Middle partner1.3880.640 to 3.0122.6031.034 to 6.553
    Earliest partner1.3810.628 to 3.0352.7691.108 to 6.920