Table 4

Sensitivity analysis for STD prevalence adjustments for gonorrhoea (NG) in males and HSV-2 in females

NG malesHSV-2 females
Observed prevalence (%)Rakai 0.93Masaka 0.80Mwanza 2.05Rakai 41.9Masaka 44.1Mwanza 46.8
Highlighted values correspond to values from table 3. Se = sensitivity, Sp = specificity, Se′ = sensitivity of screening test, pscreen = prevalence of positive screening test, UL = upper limit, LL = lower limit, na= not applicable.
Prevalence after adjustment for:
    Se alone1.050.902.4645.548.551.4
    Sp alone0.930.802.0541.939.942.8
    Se + Sp 1.05 0.90 2.4645.5 44.2 47.4
    Se′ alonenana2.34nanana
    Se′ UL alonenana2.16nanana
    Se′ LL alonenana4.66nanana
    Se+Sp+Se′nana 2.81 nanana
    Selection bias ULnanana39.4nana
    Selection biasnanana36.9nana
    Se+Sp+selection bias ULnanana44.2nana
    Se+Sp+selection biasnanana 42.8 nana