Table 1


No% of sample
*1% (n = 24) did not provide information regarding sex.
†Less than 1% (n = 19) did not provide an age category.
‡2% of the sample (n = 45) did not enter country information.
There were less than 1% of the participants from the following areas: Central America, Oceania (minus Australia), Africa, Caribbean and Bermuda, Ireland, and eastern Europe
§Less than 1% (n = 19) of the data regarding marital status were missing.
¶1% (n = 22) did not provide information regarding their educational level.
Age group (years)†
Geographical region‡
    United States131565
    United Kingdom1578
    Western Europe1065
    Asia (minus west central Asia and the Middle East)332
    South America301
    Southern Europe261
    West central Asia and Middle East231
Marital status§
Educational achievement¶
    Some high school1166
    High school graduation32716
    Some university67733
    University graduation61430
    Postgraduate education31916