Table 2


No% of respondents
*25% (n = 509) of the sample either did not answer this question or reported that they didn’t see a physician.
†25% (n = 513) of the data were coded as missing.
‡24% (n = 495) of the participants did not answer this question.
§24% (n = 500) did not answer the question
Reason for seeking care at diagnosis*
    Visible herpes lesions119276
    Sensory herpes symptoms78950
    Other recurrent skin problem1469
    Other local or systemic symptoms533
    Fear or desire to learn if infected31120
    Fear of transmission to others20713
    Visited doctor for unrelated reason1359
    Prompted by sexual partner936
    Prompted by advice of others352
Method of diagnosis†
    Direct evidence of the virus75949
    Blood test1439
    Physical examination52934
    History without examination815
    Self diagnosis332
Practitioner type or location‡
    General practitioner61939
    STD specialist1369
    Genitourinary medicine physician543
    Other specialist100.6
    Physician assistant/nurse practitioner252
    Emergency room523
    Planned parenthood110.7
    Self diagnosis292
Time with diagnostician§
    Less than 5 minutes57937
    5–15 minutes66642
    15–30 minutes22314
    30–45 minutes684
    More than 45 minutes392