Table 3

Concerns identified as three most important by patients at diagnosis

QuestionNo% of respondents
23% (n = 483) did not respond to this question. Of those that responded (n = 1592), 96% (n = 1521) chose three answers, 4% (n = 57) gave two answers, and <1% (n = 14) gave only one answer.
Does this mean the end of my love/sex life?83853
Is there a cure?59337
How easily can I give this to someone else?57736
How did I get this?49631
I can’t tell anyone about this!41526
Is there treatment?30319
How can I reduce the number of outbreaks I have?29619
Will I still be able to have children?26617
Will I (or my partner) always have to use condoms?25116
How much physical discomfort/pain will the next outbreaks cause?25016
How long will I have it for?15810
What (other) symptoms will I experience?1137
How much will treatment cost?584