Table 4


No% of respondents
*27% (n = 559) of the sample did not answer this question: 545 left the question blank and 14 reported not using medication.
†901 respondents provided information on pattern of antiviral therapy (see text).
‡There remained 6% (n = 55) of others that were not recoded or put in a new category. These included people who do not take medication, were worried about developing dependency.
Treatment used*
    Prescription antiviral99065
    Prescription topical medicine27418
    Over the counter topical cream19413
    Pain medication12<1
    Alternative/herbal treatment26317
    Saline baths15410
    Ice or cold water745
    Lifestyle change16<1
Pattern of antiviral therapy†
    Suppressive therapy27430
    Episodic therapy60467
Reasons for not taking suppressive therapy‡
    Infrequent outbreaks or just diagnosed31833
    Didn’t know could take every day20321
    Fear of side effects17318
    Don’t want to be reminded about the disease13514
    Decreased efficacy10811
    Disease not a concern788
    Doctor didn’t recommend596
    Wouldn’t make a difference536
    Treatment period would be too long354
    Doesn’t work9<1