Table 3

Risk factors and symptoms at presentation of 4 patients with presumed genital HSV infection in whom VZV DNA was detected in lesions by PCR

Sex (age)Risk factorsSymptoms at presentationClinical diagnosisTreatmentPCR result
Male (44)HIV positive, viral load <500 copies ×106/l, CD4+ cells = 780 ×106/lPainless bilateral ulcers on base of penis. 4 days’ durationHSV genital infectionNoneVZV
Male (34)Intercourse with female sex worker 5 weeks earlierPainless red vesicles ajacent to urethral meatus. 6 days’ durationHSV genital infection or dermatitisNoneVZV
Male (21)Sex with female partner 1 day earlierParaesthesiae (leg). Vesicles on left buttock, perineum, left hemiscrotum and penis. Tender left inguinal nodeHSV infectionOral valaciclovir, topical aciclovirVZV
Female (31)Past history of genital herpes infectionVulval sores resembling small tears on either side of vaginal introitusHSV genital infectionClioquinol cream with topical hydrocortisoneVZV