Table 2

Comparison of HIV and STI prevalence and selected characteristics by population group (numbers are percentages)

VariablesMineworker (n=207)Community members (n=202)p ValueFRFW (n=206)Community members (n=205)p Value
*One sample missing for female community members for C trachomatis and N gonorrhoeae.
†One sample for male community and six samples for mine workers missing for TPPA.
‡7 HIV results based on urine testing.
    Mean age (years)30.428.90.0626.928.40.05
    Lived ≤2 years in region61.829.7<0.00183.541.5<0.001
    Completed primary school98.672.3<0.00164.655.10.05
    Drinks alcohol48.332.2<0.00180.642.9<0.001
HIV and STI prevalence
    HIV infection‡6.316.30.00141.817.6<0.001
    Active syphilis†
    N gonorrhoeae*
    C trachomatis*
Reported STIs in last 12 months
    Genital discharge10.29.90.9416.522.40.13
    Genital ulceration6.89.40.3310.716.60.08
Examination findings (men only)
    Genital ulceration0.01.00.25N/AN/A
    Urethral discharge0.50.51.00N/AN/A
HIV related beliefs
    Risk of HIV transmission from sharing toilets9.77.90.5312.611.20.66
    Risk of HIV transmission from mosquito bites12.128.7<0.00125.427.80.58
    No HIV risk from anal intercourse3.410.40.0052.95.90.15
    No HIV risk from oral sex3.44.00.761.92.90.52
    Someone with HIV cannot look normal and healthy22.741.6<0.00128.231.70.43
    Knows friend, relative or colleague with HIV infection56.535.2<0.00142.247.10.33
    Believes self to be at risk of HIV8.210.90.3661.048.50.01
Self reported behaviour
    >1 partner in past 12 months64.954.00.0357.819.0<0.001
    >1 partner in past 3 months30.429.20.7942.710.7<0.001
    Never used a condom27.949.7<0.00119.562.9<0.001
    Paid for sex/received payment for sex in past 12 months54.660.90.2049.519.5<0.001