Table 2

Chlamydia testing strategies in high and low testing practices

High testing practicesLow testing practices
Clinical scenarios when testing may be appropriate in at-risk groups
Opportunistic chlamydia swab taken with high vaginal swabAlwaysRarely
Investigation of intermenstrual or cervical bleedingConsidered chlamydiaRarely considered chlamydia
Opportunistic chlamydia swab taken with cervical smearConsidered chlamydiaNever considered chlamydia
Men with urethritisConsidered chlamydiaReferred to GUM
Awareness and training in chlamydia and sexual health
Staff aware of symptoms and signs of chlamydiaYesNo
Staff aware that chlamydia is often asymptomaticYesNo
Family planning trained nurses in practicesYesNo
Perception of prevalence of chlamydia in practice populationChlamydia present in their populationChlamydia only an inner city problem