Table 1

Univariate determinants of CT infection, selected for multivariate analysis

DeterminantNo*% CT +Pearson χ2
*The sum of the categories for each determinant varies slightly because of missing data.
†Non-significant determinant; added in multivariate analysis as possible confounder.
Situation of living0.036
    With parents2312.2
    With partner3205.3
    Without partner1688.9
Activities, occupation0.096
    “Stable”: school/work/housewife6524.4
    “Unstable”: unemployed, combinations of jobs and school1258.0
Location of practice0.005
    Inner city5666.4
    Suburban, rural2111.4
Partner having urinary complaints0.000
Intermenstrual bleeding in past 3 months0.023
Postcoital bleeding in past 3 months0.000
Vaginal discharge0.171
Painful or frequent micturition0.003
Age at first coitus0.008
Number of partners in the past year0.000
Start of last relationship0.037
    >6 months4993.8
    <6 months1858.7
    No relationship now854.7
Partner having another partner in the past 3 months0.052
    Yes/don’t know1498.7
    I have no partner right now601.7
Oral contraception (OAC) use0.001
    None or coitus interruptus13314.3
Condom use0.028
Use of MAP (emergency contraception)0.004
Ever been pregnant unintendedly0.110
Marital status†0.950
    Autochtonous Belgian6405.0
    Allochtonous Belgian (Turkish/Moroccan parents)303.3
    West European372.7
    Eastern European1915.8
    Secondary school2575.5
    Technical secondary school/professional training/art education1595.0
    Higher education (short studies)1573.8
    High school/university1745.8