Table A1.2

 Summary and planned sample size of laboratory studies

ObjectiveCentreSpecimens (planned sample size)Tests
PCR, polymerase chain reaction (Roche, Cobas Amplicor); SDA, strand displacement analysis (Becton Dickinson, Probetec ET); EIA, enzyme immunoassay (Dako, IDEIA PCE).
Comparison of female specimensBristolFemale urine v vulval swabs (3000)PCR
BirminghamFemale urine v vulval swabs (3000)SDA
Test comparison 1BristolMale urine, vulval swabs (2000, 3000)PCR v EIA
BirminghamVulval swabs (3000)SDA v EIA
Test comparison 2 Quality assuranceExchange of specimens between Bristol and BirminghamMale urine, vulval swabs (4000, 6000)PCR v SDA
Examine specimen stabilityBristolFemale urine, vulval swabs from genitourinary clinic (300 each)PCR
Determine optimum pool sizeBristolMale urine, vulval swabs (100, 200)PCR, pool sizes of 4 and 8