Table 1

Characteristics of the whole sample (n=1032) and women who were aware (n=316) and unaware (n=716) of HPV, with χ2 tests for between group differences and odds ratios for significant predictors

Whole sample (n=1032)Women aware of HPV (n=316)Women unaware of HPV (n=716)
%No%No%NoDifference between groups χ2 [df] (p)Odds ratio of having hear of HPV [95% CI]
*Herpes simplex, Trichomonas vaginalis, chlamydia, gonorrhoea, anaerobic vaginosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, non-specific urethritis.
Age (years)
    26–3547.949447.214948.234513.3 [3] (0.004)1.19 [0.82 to 1.74]
    36–4515.616117.75614.71051.20 [0.72 to 1.98]
    46 and over5.5578.5274.2302.40 [1.23 to 4.68]
Age of leaving full time education
    16 and under8.1846.6218.863
    19 and over74.076478.224772.2517
    Still in full time education and under 190.66000.86
Housing tenure
    Rent from local authority5.7594.4146.345
    Rent from private landlord47.448949.415646.5333NS
    Own/buying home35.036136.711634.2245
    Live with parents4.5462.895.237
Marital status
    Married/living with partner47.148648.115246.6334
Work status
    Working full time73.275575.323872.2517
    Working part time9.2957.6249.971NS
    Not working at present6.4666.6216.345
Do you smoke cigarettes? (yes)34.335425.07938.427517.0 [1] (<0.0001)0.52 [0.36 to 0.74]
Number of sexual partners in the last year
    4 or more6.2646.6216.043
STI history
    Candida (thrush)51.453059.518847.834215.3 [1] (<0.0001)1.47 [1.06 to 2.03]
    Genital warts10.110418.0576.64733.8 [1] (<0.0001)2.37 [1.41 to 3.56]
    Other STI*20.521223.77519.1137NS
Previous abnormal smear result (yes)26.427235.111122.516117.9 [1] (<0.0001)1.28 [0.88 to 1.85]
Know someone who has had HPV (yes)8.79023.7752.115114.2 [1] (<0.0001)11.80 [6.47 to 21.54]
Reason for attending clinic
    Smear test32.733733.210532.4232
    Smear test and contraceptive advice11.511915.2489.971NS
    Contraceptive advice46.848345.614447.3339