Table 1

Study populations and data sources for STI/HIV prevalence and STI aetiologies in Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, 1990–2000

PopulationsPeriodNo*HIV testSTI testsReference
*Sample size.
High risk groups
Bar girls1989–91182YesYesLankoande et al, 19926
Bar girls and CSW1994215YesYesLankoande et al, 19987
Bar girls and CSW1998–2000259YesYesNagot et al, 20028
General population
Pregnant women1990118YesYesUnpublished data
Pregnant women1991172YesYesUnpublished data
Pregnant women1994408YesNoMeda et al, 199812
Sentinel surveillance among pregnant women1995–20011004YesNoMeda et al, 199910 and 200111
Female general population 20001004NoYesUnpublished data
Females with vaginal discharge
Hospital (outpatients)1992223YesYesLedru et al, 19969
Health centres1998636YesYesUnpublished data
Males with urethral discharge
Health centres1990–1205NoYesLankoande et al, 19926
Health centres199850NoYesUnpublished data