Table 1

Seroprevalence of RTI in the various groups of women

Tests positiveGroup I (n = 600)Group II (n = 378)Group III (n = 525)Group IV (n = 464)Group V (n = 288)Group VI (n = 271)Total (n = 2526)
Group I, pregnant women; group II, contraceptive advice seekers; group III, contraceptive users; group IV, women with infertility; group V, women with leucorrhoea; group VI, women with diagnosis of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).
Syphilis63041317 (0.67%)
C trachomatis infection61130011 (0.43%)
Hepatitis B90440017 (0.67%)
HIV0000011 (0.02%)
Total2145111446 (1.82%)