Table 2

Agreement between 151 index patient’s perceptions of their partners, and 189 partners’ self reports

Agreement (%)kappa
*White v African-American v other; †Always used v not always used; ‡<6 months v ⩾6 months; §Often v not often; ¶<1 month v ⩾1 month; **Very well/fairly well v somewhat/not at all; ††Very good v not very good; ‡‡Reported as concordance correlation (ρ) for continuous data.
Demographic characteristics and circumcision
    Partner race/ethnicity*89.40.83
    Partner age94.70.88‡‡
    Partner is circumcised male81.30.37
Partner risk behaviours/markers
    Partner has used injection drugs93.10.59
    Partner has ever been incarcerated78.20.56
    Condom use within partnership†84.40.44
    Partner is bisexual male96.00.39
    Partner has had other partners in past 3 months65.30.29
    Partner has been a sex worker (female partner)85.70.27
    Partner’s total number of other partners in past 3 months50.00.23‡‡
    Partner has had sex with a sex worker (male partner)79.00.22
Partnership characteristics
    Duration of sexual partnership‡88.90.78
    Frequency of communication with partner§73.10.46
    Duration of presexual relationship¶66.70.30
    How well known before having sex**66.00.26
    Quality of communication with partner††62.20.20