Table 2

 Total variable costs at each node of the decision tree (in bold) and their constituent inputs

*Distributions used in the sensitivity analysis. Uniform distributions were used to represent a large degree of uncertainty (any value over the range selected randomly); triangular distributions were used when the most likely value was known (the value drawn for each simulation was more likely to be closer to the mean value).
†A, data from interview with primary research nurses in Portsmouth and Wirral; B, preliminary pilot expenses provided by the Department of Health, Economics and Operational Research Division; C, pilot database.
‡Patient related minute.
§Mid-scale grade F nurse.
Overall: personnel
GP1.01£/Minute‡Ref 11
Practice nurse/health adviser§0.42£/Minute‡Ref 11, 14
Medical GUM Consultant1.40£/Minute‡Ref 11, 14
(1) Accepting the test 3.77 £/Episode 1.50 5.42
Information leaflet0.31£/ItemACost inflated to £UK at 2001 rates
Receptionist time1.8Minute0.53UniformAScreening selection and invitation
GP/nurse time to discuss screening4.5Minute27TriangularADepends on setting/clinician
% GP time compared to nurse time50%0100UniformAssumption
(2) Giving a sample 0.65 £/Episode
Sample container0.50£/ItemBCost inflated to £UK at 2001 rates
Request form0.15£/ItemBCost inflated to £UK at 2001 rates
(3) Testing and final diagnosis 12.97 £/Episode 10.71 15.25 Cost inflated to £UK at 2001 rates
LCR test materials and personnel11.81£/Item10.4913.14UniformBAverage of both sites, cost inflated to £UK at 2001 rates
Health adviser time to notify patient2.8Minute0.55UniformA
(4) Treatment 7.46 £/Episode
Azithromycin7.33£/TreatmentRef 17Recommended dosage17
Doxycycline4.98£/TreatmentRef 17Recommended dosage17
Health adviser time for treatment5MinuteAPartner notification not included
% receiving azithromycin compared to doxycycline15.6%0100TriangularC
(5) Partners reported 1.06 £/Episode 0.85 1.27
Health adviser time for eliciting partner information2.5Minute23UniformA
(6) Partners contacted 0.01 £/Partner episode 0.00 0.13
Health adviser time to contact partner1Minute010TriangularA
% partners contacted by health adviser compared to patient contacted3%C
(7) Partner attendance and treatment 14.30 £/Partner episode 7.16 10.74
Time for partner clinic visit12.5Minute1015UniformA
% partners seen by health adviser compared to GUM consultant70%40100UniformAssumption
(8) Partner tested 11.81 £/Partner episode 10.49 13.14 Uniform B See No 3 above.