Table 1

Variations in reporting of being offered an HIV test and HIV test uptake*

Patient characteristicsReported being offered an HIV testp ValueOffered a test and having an HIV testp Value
*Patients who reported an HIV risk in the past 3 months, an HIV test in the past year, or that their reason for not testing was that they had tested recently, were excluded from the analysis. This was to ensure that only individuals in whom HIV testing would be unequivocally appropriate in terms of risks and resources were included in our analysis.
†Base (N) excludes patients who did not report a valid response (“yes”, “no,” “don’t know”) to whether or not they had been offered an HIV test, as well as item non-response.
‡Heterosexual and/or homosexual anal sex.
§Base (N) excludes 151 patients for whom data on their clinician’s characteristics could not be obtained, in addition to 25 patients who did not report whether or not they had been offered an HIV test and whether or not they were having an HIV test, as well as item non-response.
¶Consultants and clinical assistants are considered as those who had completed their training, while specialist registrars, senior house officers, and gynaecological staff are considered as being in training.
All patients327/419(78.0)160/319(50.2)
    Not white136/189(72.0)65/133(48.9)
Among non-white patients: 0.073 0.283
    Black Caribbean 63/82 (76.8) 28/61 (45.9)
    Black African 15/20 (75.0) 9/15 (60.0)
    Black British 29/40 (72.5) 11/28 (39.3)
    Asian 6/9 (66.7) 2/6 (33.3)
    Other ethnicity 23/38 (60.5) 15/23 (65.2)
English is first language0.3600.014
Sexual behaviour
Number of heterosexual partners, past year0.667<0.001
Number of homosexual partners, past year0.5860.151
New partner(s) while abroad in past 5 years0.1520.097
Unprotected vaginal sex with 2+partners in past year0.8470.002
Unprotected anal sex with 2+partners in past year‡0.7290.103
GUM clinic history
Previous STI diagnosis0.0290.007
Last HIV test0.2070.093
    1–5 years ago77/97(79.4)47/76(61.8)
    More than 5 years ago18/24(75.0)6/18(33.3)
Intention to have an HIV test<0.001<0.001
    No, not intention/don’t know231/314(73.6)70/225(31.1)
    Yes, intention95/103(92.2)90/93(96.8)
Clinician seen for consultation
Clinician’s training status§¶0.0790.536
    Completed training103/143(72.0)50/99(50.5)
    In training96/115(83.5)56/96(58.3)
Clinician’s sex§0.3920.082
Clinician also runs an HIV clinic§0.6840.770
Drug use
Used cocaine/heroin/speed/ecstasy/LSD in past year0.0280.722