Table 1

HIV risk perception by reported sexual behaviours and STI diagnosis among patients reporting that they were not having an HIV test (n = 218)

Reported “felt at low HIV risk” as a reason for not testing for HIV
n/N(%)n/N(%)p Value*
*According to χ2 statistic.
†Positive diagnosis within 1 week of completing questionnaire.
‡Not all patients tested for all STIs.
§Diagnosed with at least one of HIV, Chlamydia trachomatis, genital herpes, gonorrhoea, trichomonas, syphilis.
Sexual behaviour
2+ heterosexual partners, past year52/86(60.5)42/104(40.4)0.006
2+ homosexual partners, past year10/28(35.7)9/49(18.4)0.089
New partner(s) while abroad in past 5 years26/75(34.7)22/87(25.3)0.192
Ever paid/been paid money for sex4/96(4.2)9/113(8.0)0.257
Unprotected anal and/or vaginal sex with 2+ partners in past year40/65(61.5)30/83(36.1)0.002
Unprotected vaginal sex with 2+ partners in past year33/83(40.2)29/107(27.1)0.003
Unprotected anal sex with 2+ partners in past year5/59(8.5)2/73(2.7)0.144
STI diagnosis
Previous STI diagnosis53/93(57.0)50/108(46.3)0.130
Current diagnosis†‡§12/59(20.3)7/73(9.6)0.080
Chlamydia trachomatis 9/51†(17.6)7/60†(11.7)0.371
Genital herpes1/5†(20.0)0/1†(0.0)0.624