Table 2

 Baseline prevalence of infections comparing sex workers registering with clinic 1985–92 with those in 1996–2002*

*The denominators vary in this table since not all sex workers consented to screening for all STIs.
†One or more of gonorrhoea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, first episode genital herpes, first episode genital warts, infectious syphilis.
‡Hepatitis B anti-core positive, indicating previous infection.
Any acute STI†99/39824.929/3677.9−68% (p<0.001)
Gonorrhoea18/3964.54/3641.1−75% (p<0.01)
Chlamydia42/39310.717/3544.8−55% (p<0.01)
HIV4/3571.13/2001.5+36% (NS)
Hepatitis B‡27/4176.528/3079.1+40% (NS)
Syphilis previous treatment9/3672.513/2794.7+88% (NS)
Syphilis newly diagnosed3/3670.86/2792.2+175% (NS)