Table 2

 Laboratory reporting systems in the European Union and Norway—universal laboratory reporting systems

Year introducedSTIs reported*CoverageIndividual/aggregate reporting (I/A)Variables reportedReporting frequencyDenominator data**
Ct, Chlamydia trachomatis; Gc, gonorrhoea; Gc AMR, gonococcal antimicrobial resistance; H, genital herpes; NSC, National Surveillance Centre; Syph, syphilis; NA, not applicable: system not in operation in that country. A, age; C, clinic type; D, date of diagnosis; G, gender; I, country where infection contracted; L, type of laboratory test used; N, number of positive results only, by region; P, place of diagnosis; S, specimen type/site of infection.
*Mandatory (M) or voluntary (V).
**Negative results/total no of tests) reported.
†Denmark: coverage rates for chlamydia and gonorrhoea reporting (unknown for syphilis). Private laboratories do not carry out testing for chlamydia and gonorrhoea in Denmark. Reporting frequency for Gc: was quarterly, but now most laboratories report Gc continuously (reporting forms submitted with isolates).
‡Including from private laboratories.
¶Linkage of individual clinical case and laboratory reports at the National Surveillance Centre.
AustriaSyph; Gc (V)51–75%51–75%NAAGMonthlyNo
Denmark1994Gc; Ct (M) Syph (V)76–99%†76–99%†76–99%†Gc, Ct: I Syph: AA, C, D, G, L, SG: continuous C: quarterlyGc; Ct
Finland1995Syph; Gc; Ct (M)76–99%‡76–99%‡76–99%‡IA, D, G, L, P, S¶WeeklyNo
Germany2001Syph (M)76–99%NANAINo
Greece1987Syph; Gc (M)NK51–75%NASyph: A Gc: ISyph: N; Gc:‡WeeklyGc
NetherlandsCt; herpesNANAANMonthlyNo
Norway1975 (Syph; Gc); 1986 (Ct)Syph; Gc; Ct (M)76–99%‡76–99%‡76–99%‡Ct: A Syph, Gc: ISyph and Gc: weekly; Ct yearlyGc; Ct
SwedenGc: NK Ct: 1983Gc; Ct (V)NA76–99%‡76–99%‡AA, G6 monthlyGc, Ct
UKSyph; Gc; Ct; herpes (V)26–50%51–75%51–75%IA, D, G, P, SNo