Table 1

Recommended treatment regimens for chancroid from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the United Kingdom Clinical Effectiveness Group (CEG)

AntimicrobialDoseFrequencyDurationRouteRecommending body
bd = twice daily, tds = three times daily, qds = four times daily, im = intramuscular.
Erythromycin500 mgtds7 daysoralWHO
Erythromycin500 mgqds7 daysoralCDC, CEG
Azithromycin1 gsingle doseoralCDC, CEG
Ceftriaxone250 mgsingle doseimWHO, CDC, CEG
Ciprofloxacin500 mgsingle doseoralWHO, CEG
Ciprofloxacin500 mgbd3 daysoralCDC, CEG
Spectinomycin2 gsingle doseimWHO