Table 2

HIV and syphilis prevalence, and risk behaviour among rural sex workers in Kampong Chnnang province and urban sex workers in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Kampong ChnnangPhnom Penh
No (%)MeanNo (%)Meanp Value*
*Significant level at p≤0.05.
†Duration was calculated by using current age minus age at first commercial sex.
‡In Kampong Chhnang, the condom use with sweethearts was asked in past week, while in Phnom Penh it was asked in past month.
§The HIV data in Phnom Penh were taken from the report on HIV Sentinel Surveillance in Cambodia, 2000, National Center for HIV/AIDS, Dermatology and STDs, Ministry of Health.
Current age7125 years15021 years0.0001
Age at first sex7118 years15019 years0.45
Age at first commercial sex7122 years15020 years0.0001
Number of clients per day71214950.0001
Monthly income71$61148$1740.0001
Cost per client71$2 48$20.14
Duration of sex work†712 years1501 year0.004
Brothel size68713860.35
Consistent condom use
    With client68 (79)150 (67)0.07
    With regular clients33 (76)108 (71)0.62
    With sweetheart‡18 (61) 58 (54)0.56
Active syphilis (RPR/TPPA+)71 (14)150 (4)0.007
HIV positive§71 (47)152 (26)NA