Table 3

 Demographic characteristics, HIV testing and sexual behaviours in ethnic group subsamples of homosexually active men (*p<0.05)

White BritishWhite otherBlackAsianAll others
UIAI, unprotected insertive anal intercourse; URAI, unprotected receptive anal intercourse.
Subsample size11 1021406313329219
Residence (%)*
    Valid No11 1021406313329219
Age (years)*
    Valid No11 0171387310328215
Education (%)*
    Valid No10 9921389308324217
Sexual partners (%)
    Valid No11 0251392311323215
    Women only0.
    Men and women6.
    Men only89.290.388.485.493.5
HIV testing
Ever HIV tested*
    Valid No11 0601402309327217
    % ever tested52.970.364.745.957.6
    No ever tested5 854985200150125
HIV test result*
    Valid No5712971192148124
    % tested positive9.511.718.23.48.1
    No tested positive54111435510
Sexual behaviour in last year (men not tested HIV positive who had a male partner)
Subsample size98891219257290198
Any sex
    Valid No95081192247284194
    % with positive*9.312.49.76.710.3
    % with unknown*76.676.774.975.486.1
    % with negative49.050.854.347.941.8
    Valid No94611183236279193
    % with positive*
    % with unknown19.420.226.319.418.7
    % with negative19.520.019.917.214.0
    Valid No95211180242283194
    % with positive1.
    % with unknown17.816.418.617.318.0
    % with negative21.222.420.218.716.5