Table 1

 Background characteristics, genital symptoms and signs, and the prevalence of cervical infections among 703 antenatal care clients in Gaborone, Botswana

Age groups (years)
    Primary school or less168(24)
    Junior secondary school310(44)
    Secondary school or higher225(32)
Marital status
        Living with husband 97 (85)
    Non-marital steady partner572(81)
        Living with partner 256 (45)
Number of pregnancies
    1st pregnancy243(35)
    2nd pregnancy208(30)
    3rd pregnancy122(17)
    4th+ pregnancy130(18)
Number of antenatal care visits
    1st visit157(22)
    2nd–4th visit300(43)
    5th–7th visit182(26)
    8th+ visit64(9)
Self reported symptoms of STIs
    Increased vaginal discharge119(17)
    Lower abdominal pain53(8)
    Genital warts16(2)
    Genital ulcer8(1)
Clinical signs of STIs
    Vaginal discharge syndrome308(44)
    Genital warts29(4)
    Genital ulcer5(1)
Cervical infection (chlamydia and/or gonorrhoea)67(10)