Table 2

 Number (%) of men reporting unprotected anal intercourse (UAI) between 1998 and 2003

199819992000200120022003Odds ratio95% CIp Value
Odds ratios from multivariate model.
The percentages in table 2 were derived by dividing the number of men reporting UAI by the number of men surveyed (table 1)—for example, for HIV positive men reporting non-concordant UAI with a casual partner in 1998 the percentage is 18/118 = 15.3%.
Non-concordant UAI
All non-concordant UAI 12114.510616.813618.417423.618121.910821.71.241.16–1.31<0.001
With a casual partner
HIV positive men1815.31514.92319.24538.85041.32937.21.461.26–1.69<0.001
HIV negative men336.84010.14910.75312.16512.04714.11.321.20–1.46<0.001
Never tested men52.164.5148.8147.7137.944.71.281.06–1.540.01
All men566.7619.78611.611215.212815.58016.11.361.26–1.46<0.001
With main partner alone
HIV positive men54.255.021.754.310.822.60.7
HIV negative men296.0266.6255.4347.8325.9185.40.7
Never tested men3113.31410.52314.42312.72012.189.30.7
All men657.8457.1506.8628.4536.4285.60.7
Concordant UAI
All concordant UAI 829.87612.111315.38111.012615.27314.71.161.08–1.25<0.001
With a casual partner
HIV positive men86.844.01714.21311.2119.1810.31.271.01–1.580.04
HIV negative men81.751.392.040.9152.872.10.2
With main partner alone
HIV positive men65.166.075.865.275.856.40.2
HIV negative men6012.46115.48017.45813.29317.25315.91.111.02–1.210.02